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Since two weeks I was facing breathing problems and I was just shocked to hear from the doctor that my habit of smoking was responsible for it. But, he recommended me to use electronic cigarettes India from SMOKEFREE. I must admit that the results have been truly amazing. I have not only cured my breathing problems but have also considerably reduced my habit of smoking due to SMOKEFREE’s e-cigs India. I recommend everyone to use SMOKEFREE’s Electronic Cigarettes in India.


Despite several attempts, I was unable to reduce my smoking habit, until I came across an advertisement of SMOKEFREE. On the consistent usage of E-Cigarettes India, I have drastically reduced my habit of smoking and I strongly feel that SMOKEFREE is the best company for electronic cigarettes in India.


Being a Call Centre employee, my husband had a very stressful job and he had developed the habit of smoking. But, after seeing the advertisement, I recommended SMOKEFREE E cigarette India to my husband and thankfully he has quit smoking due to SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarettes India.


Being a chain smoker, I had lost all hope as I had tried everything to quit smoking. But, as soon as I started using SMOKEFREE E Cig India, I have reduced smoking considerably. I recommend SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarettes India to everyone who wants to give up smoking.


People around me always curse me for my smoking habit but with SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette I can see myself breaking this habit and even enjoy it at places where smoking is strictly prohibited.

Zubair Ahmed

SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette is amazing, I can see my self less addicted to smoking and most importanly, no one stops me while I am with my SMOKEFREE Electronic Cig. It has made my life better, I need no go downstairs every time I need to smoke.

Md Yunus

They are definitely much better then their competitors selling the same product, But I think there is definitely room for improvement in customer support area.


Because of my smoking habit, I was under severe chest problems and doctors recommended me to quit it as soon as possible but due to by addiction I could not manage to do that. My friend told me about SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette and I think I will recover soon if I stick to SMOKEFREE E- Cig.

Jasbir Singh

I am a chain smoker and I know that I cannot quit the habit. But with SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette I am able to consume the required amount of nicotine with any of the risk that used to bother me and my family when I used to smoke real cigarettes.

Ajay Gambhir

Recently I saw an advertisement of SMOKEFREE while watching a Movie at Waves Noida at the Centre stage mall, while on my way out I spotted the Kiosk where they were selling this awesome product...and guys its the best thing that has happened to me as over the last 2 months as I haven't touched even a single regular cigarette.

Priyanka Murgai

I smoke occassionaly but I am very health concious on the other hand. Since I am a sales consultant, my job becomes very stressful and I smoke. SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette has helped me a lot I fullfills my smoking need when needed and it also doesn't affect my health.

Vimlendu Manglam

I ordered my first pack of SMOKEFREE Deluxe Kit last month, and it has been over 1 Month now that I have not even touched a regular cigarette but in my first week I had issues in regards to usage of atomizer etc. But Shilpa from Support was very patient with me and since then I have had no problems. Thank You SMOKEFREE

Ankit Raman

After much research, I kept coming back to this website....I am so glad I did! The shipping was quick, everything arrived perfect....Thank you, for your product and quick and fantastic service!

Karan Mohan

SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette India, is definitely the best way to quit as it helped my husband quit smoking in just 3 months. I recommend this to all.


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