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SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette E Liquid Kits(EGO Series)

SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Kits

What is a SMOKEFREE E-Cig?

SMOKEFREE is an electronic device better known as electronic cigarette, that can act as a perfect replacement for traditional cigarettes. SMOKEFREE runs on a rechargeable lithium battery. The device consists of an atomizer that turns the liquid content in the filter like end into vapour and hence helps its consumer to attain a state of complete satisfaction.

What is SMOKEFREE For?

Electronic cigarettes are for smokers of 18 years and older who are eligible to consume such products. Women who are pregnant and are addicted to smoking must consult their doctors before ordering.

How does a SMOKEFREE work?

This electronic cigarette works on a rechargeable and long lasting lithium battery and an atomizer that vapourises the liquid content and releases pure water vapour. This vapour looks like the smoke that is emitted when a traditional cigarette is smoked and hence gives look, taste feel and texture of a real cigarette.

Can I really smoke SMOKEFREE E-Cig anywhere?

Smoking at certain places is banned because of mainly two reasons, open flame and second hand smoke. SMOKEFREE does need flame to start and secondly, all it produces is pure harmless water vapour that makes it usable at places like cinema halls, offices and another such places. Although, the product does not defy any of the rules and regulations that concerns smoking but still one must see to it that it does not disturb the environment around.

Does a SMOKEFREE E-Cig produce smoke?

No, all it produce is harmless vapour which is odor that gets dissolved in air within fraction of seconds.

Does SMOKEFREE E-Cig Cartridges contain nicotine?

The SMOKEFREE E-Cig Cartridges may or may not consist of nicotine. It is all up to the consumer if he want nicotine content in it or not and if yes, then it is available under various nicotine doses.

What is in the SMOKEFREE E-Cig Cartridges?

The E-Cig Cartridges consists of solidified (water with few other contents of flavour, propylene glycol and may or may not nicotine). Flavour contributes to a whole new smoking experience with various flavours. The nicotine added in the cartridges are medically approved and are available in dosage of both light and regular cigarettes. Propylene glycol used in SMOKEFREE are harmless and can be directly consumed as food additives. Propylene glycol is used as an anti asthma drug and assures that it is totally safe moreover, propylene glycol has a lower vapourising temperature, and hence can be consumed safely unlike the smoke of a traditional cigarette.

Is SMOKEFREE E-Cig safe?

A traditional cigarette burns on tobacco that releases around 4000 harmful elements and among those 60 are identified as major cancer causing agents and many are suspected for the same. Since electronic cigarette does not burn on tobacco which is responsible for such health hazards and hence its harmless. According to a recent study of Boston University, smoking an ecig (Electronic Cigarette) can not only be harmless but can also help a smoker to quit smoking permanently.

Is SMOKEFREE better for me than a traditional cigarette?

Unlike traditional cigarette that burns on tobacco and along with that harmful smoke it also leaves behind tar and other such harmful elements as byproducts of nicotine. An electronic cigarette does not burn on tobacco and delivers nicotine with pure harmless vapour as by product that too under various nicotine dosages of both light and regular cigarettes.

What are the affects of nicotine?

When nicotine is consumed, in return it gives the consumer a state of stimulation, relaxation, calmness and alertness from minutes to even hours. Nicotine is considered to be the addictive element in a cigarette but as per researchers it does not pose any major health risks even at a higher volume of consumption.

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